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My Job

My Job

After graduating from Temple University with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing and Management in 1992, I got myself a job at what was once known as US Healthcare. Was it in the marketing or management field? No, but hey, it was a job. After 3 years and several promotions, I started working for Healthcare Data Interchange Corporation (HDIC) which was a subsidiary of what was then known as Aetna US Healthcare. I worked as a Quality Analyst testing the software which HDIC developed for Aetna US Healthcare providers.

Eventually, HDIC was sold to Envoy Corporation, at which time I started working for Aetna US Healthcare’s Aetna Information Management (AIM) department in the Intake & Distribution division as a Quality Consultant.  I slowly started to delve into software development, but my job wasn’t really that much different than what I used to do.  I was then promoted to Business Systems Delivery Specialist and worked a lot with databases, accumulating data and extracting it into management reports.  It actually wasn’t as bad as it sounds.  I also started doing web development, and I took a major role in the design and development of my department’s Intranet site.  During that time, I did a lot of self-learning of HTML, JavaScript, and DHTML. I also took some courses at the local community college to continue learning development skills.  Advanced Visual Basic, Networking Technology, and Java were among some of the classes I took.

After some time, I was offered a job with Aetna’s Electronic Enrollment Management (EEM) team where I did a lot of web site and database development. I continued to learn and hone my skills until my manager, Gene McGonagle (Hell of a guy), left to manage another department. It wasn’t long until I got a call from Gene, asking me to come work for him in Aetna’s Business Transaction Services (BTS). I happily accepted and became the lead on many of BTS’ web applications.

Well, after countless reorgs, my department now falls under National Customer Operations (NCO), and my group is called Technical Solutions. I still thoroughly enjoy my job, and I continue to learn new things.