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Laura’s Blog | Butera's Place
Laura’s Blog

Laura’s Blog

Hello, welcome my blog, The Princess Principle.  Who am I?

I am Laura, mother of our 7 month old twin boys Sam and Max, wife, of George, lover of all paper crafts, mess maker, chaos coordinator,and just an average girl with a pretty perfect life.  Oh, yeah, I turned 40 this year; that was not so perfect, but I’m taking it in stride.

Occasionally you will be hearing from me, the sole female or “princess” as I like to be called, of the house.  I would love to be a regular, frequent, clever contributor but my “royal charges” take up a good portion of my day, everyday.  And they are worth every single minute.  Quite frankly I don’t think I am as witty and charming as George (from this point on to be called “Sweetie”) so I would bore you, quickly.  Though I have to say, I am loving writing this now; so I may just surprise all of us with my banter and sharing.

Below is a list of my latest posts.  If you want to see them all, go to The Princess Principle category.

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